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We offer mailings to homebuyers for a cost as low as 7.5 cents each! Our shared direct mail program is currently available in the Las Vegas and Phoenix metro areas and reaches recent homebuyers shortly after they arrived in the neighborhood with a special welcome offer or call-to-action.

Our shared mail programs are perfectly timed and provide repetitive distribution over several months. Repetition allows your business to build and keep top-of-mind awareness and lets your message be present whenever the recent homebuyer is ready to buy.

Our Shared
Homebuyer Mail Programs Include:

  • Fast, at-home delivery in unique colorful packaging, designed to stand out in the mailbox.
  • Cost-effective, all-inclusive pricing for printing, advertising costs, postage, and delivery
  • Professional, custom ad design available
  • High quality glossy print (8.0” x 5.25” full color, 2-sided advertisements)
  • Sequenced repetition (starting from days after home closing)

Why Homebuyers?

  • They are long-term customers: The average length of residency for a homebuyer is 8.3 years
  • 14% of your homeowners customers will move this year
  • Homebuyers will spend an average of $10,900 on goods and services within first 150 days after moving
  • Today’s homebuyers have great credit and financial stability
  • Nearly three-quarters of homebuyers make major purchases (furniture, appliances, home improvements, etc….)
  • The average newly constructed homeowner will spend more the first year of residency than the following 3 years
  • Secure long-term relationships with homebuyers so your competition does not!

Timing Is Key!

Based on timing and demographics, we will introduce your business to homebuyers most likely to use your product or service. Demographics can include new constructed homes, existing resold homes, purchase price, dwelling type, and more. Homebuyers prioritize their needs first and then add desired items as they settle into their new home with the period of greater need being generally 30 days before the move and up to 45 days after the move.

Homebuyer Advertising is Ideal for the
Following Industries:

  • Home Improvement
  • Home Services
  • Restaurants
  • Dental Offices
  • Security Companies
  • Veterinarians
  • Window Coverings
  • Handyman Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Landscaping
  • Painting Contractors
  • Pest Control
  • And many more